November 2, 2011




自問Blog齡淺,但承蒙各方公關愛戴,近年收到不少出席活動的邀請,適合自己的而且有時間的會樂意出席,本來情況好健康的,對我來說出席Blogger Event就同出席Press Conference一樣,只是身份不同,我去接收資訊,然後用自己的媒體去講食後感、用後感,文中亦會註明是否受到邀請。









  1. The line between blogging and copywriting is definitely becoming finer. For me, my blog is about saying whatever I want, without any guilt or restrictions, but for some people, blogging is a business, like a one-man/one-woman magazine. I think that what makes a blog interesting is honest, unfettered, personal opinion, but maybe some readers don't think that way. (It's a bit sad if all they want to read are essentially advertorials) But anyway, it's their choice. It's also our choice, as owners and writers of our own blogs, to choose not to blog favourable reviews just for money.

    For years, magazines have written reviews and advertorials based on free meals and payments, without really disclosing the facts, and people continue to buy these publications. So if a blogger were to decide to go down that path, there is little we can do except hold our own. (I think you can tell that I have been through the same dilemma/frustrations!).

    As writers/editors in our real lives, I think our blogs can sometimes serve to give PR people examples of how much we love food, and if that leads to a paid job for another publication or project, I think that's great. But for now, like you, I'm keeping my blog 100% mine.

    Keep writing! Love your blog!

  2. A great post. Quite a hot topic these days. I guess some customers/readers might still read advertorial blogs anyway simply to find out if there's any new place opening and what kind of food they serve, or simply adore the beautiful photographs. There's a market for anything and everything.

    Having said that, I am glad that you keep your integrity up high, it is something I greatly respect. Keep up the good work!

    (I only read using Google translate, hope I got everything right ^_^)